Family Doctors

Dr. Comeau, Nathalie
Dr. Couture, Louis
Dr. Dufresne, Sylvie
Dr. Haxhija, Ardit
Dr. Maalouf, Nada
Dr. Mafeuda Nana, Eveline
Dr. Masucci, Nicola
Dr. Patel, Neel
Dr. Quach, Sophie Minh-Vi
Dr. Therrien, Guy

Health Professionals - for patients enrolled with a family doctor

Chèvrefils, Nathalie - Pharmacist
Haince, Sonia - Nurse clinician
Laberge-Hapetian, Lisandre - Kinesiologist

Specialists - open to the public; a referral is mandatory

Dr Bevacqua, Darrel - Podiatrist
Dr Cohen, Martin - Rheumatologist
Dr Davidyock, Todd - Pneumologist
Dr Eappen, Roy - Endocrinologist
Dr He, Gang - Biochemist
Dr Levesque, Christian - General surgeon
Dre Issa-El-Khoury, Karine - Allergist
Dre Silviu-Dan, Fanny - Allergist
Dr Skamene, Emil - Allergist 

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