Emergency with appointment only


Our emergency is open Monday to Saturday. Click here for our hours.

  • If you are enrolled with a family doctor at the clinic, you can simply call us at 450-692-7282, to make an appointment. We will try our best to get you seen within one day.

  • If you are not enrolled with a family doctor at the clinic, you must make an appointment through Bonjour Santé. This service is offered in two ways:

  1. Call 450-287-1198 and follow the instructions

  2. Consult their website: https://jardinschateauguay.bonjour-sante.ca

Travel Vaccine Clinic

  • Typhoid fever vaccine

  • Drinkable vaccine against cholera and diarrhea

  • Hepatitis A vaccine

  • Malaria vaccine

To make an appointment for vaccination, please call 450-692-7282.

Blood Test Clinic

blood-test (2).png

Our blood test clinic is open as of 7:00am. It is mandatory that you make an appointment and have your referral with you on the day of the blood test.
To make an appointment for a blood test, you may:

  • Bring your referral in person

  • Send your referral by fax to 450-699-7788 (be sure that your phone number and name are well indicated so that we can call you to make an appointment)

  • Send us an e-mail to jardinsprelevements@gmail.com.

There is a fee of 15.00$ (cash only) for transportation.



If you have a referral to see one of our specialists, please call 450-692-7282 to make an appointment.

Exceptionally for the allergists, you must send your request to the following email address: jardinsallergie@gmail.com.
Please provide us with your name, two phone numbers, the name of the doctor who referred you, and your allergy problem. You will need to create an account in our patient portal by going to the website: https://jardins.portail.medfarsolutions.com/en/login and make your appointment online